almond breeze

I’m so excited to finally be able to share this project! I shot this last summer and have been patiently waitingView full post »


This past summer I spent some time in the studio making new surfaces for my photo shoots.  I like options.  This isView full post »


A couple weeks ago I watched a really great documentary about food waste called Just Eat It. If you haven’t seenView full post »

carrots & thyme

I have collected so many amazing cookbooks over the years and often reference for inspiration, but realized that IView full post »

art supplies

Testing with other creatives is so much fun, especially when you get to work with a great friend and awesome propView full post »

underwood ranches

The last couple weeks have been very productive and exciting!  I’ve been in studio shooting small projects andView full post »

green peas

This was another portfolio shoot. I’m working on trying to think less planned and more spur of the moment. ItView full post »

market report | 9

Are there certain foods that you just didn’t like, but now eat them all the time?  This hasView full post »


I have some exciting news to share! I get a lot of inquires to either use my images or to buy licensing rights neitherView full post »

tomato pesto tart

From my previous post I mentioned that I’m working on adding new work to my portfolio. This is a continuation ofView full post »

basil pesto

As of lately, I’ve had some time to focus on adding new work to my portfolio. It’s been much needed after aView full post »

market report | 8

New fruits and vegetables are continuing to show up at the farmer’s market and I make it a goal to take homeView full post »

market report | 7

Can I be honest for a second? Rather than continue to sit here wasting time trying to come up with something to say, IView full post »

summer produce

I’m usually a very detailed planner with my shoots.  If I don’t know what’s going on or have a planView full post »


You may remember Isofrut from this post.  We worked on the packaging images and started developing the brand’s View full post »

market report | 6

Sometimes I just can’t make it to the farmer’s market or I loose track of what day it is and forget entirelyView full post »

market report | 5

The weather here in LA has been gloomy.  For the last two weeks it’s been overcast with dark skies and lowView full post »

market report | 4

My go to greens that I always have on hand are kale, spinach, and either red leaf or romaine lettuce.  I make a lotView full post »


I’m so excited I finally get to share this project! Isofrut is a small company based in Chile, South America (thatView full post »

slab city, ca

I have to be honest, I’ve been sitting on these pictures from Slab City, CA for 2 years.  At the time, IView full post »

market report | 3

A big heat wave hit LA last weekend for 3 days.  Never did I think I’d be in 90 degree weather in the middleView full post »

market report | 2

The new year started off with lots of yoga, healthy eating habits, and drinking lots of water.  I felt the best I hadView full post »

youth to the people

Youth To The People is a new skin care company based here in Los Angeles.  It was so much fun to work with the motherView full post »

detox smoothies

This project was a fun collaboration with my cousin, Lacey Knaff, who is a very talented and creative graphic designerView full post »

maine | part 4

Maine has an abundance of land and farms of all sorts.  Something that I had never seen before was honor system farmView full post »

maine | part 3

The changing of seasons was definitely underway with rainy days and cool crisp air.  It was a shock to me since I haveView full post »

maine | part 2

I’ve stayed in traditional hotels all over the country and their conveniences are nice, but when Mother Nature isView full post »

maine | part 1

  I’m pretty good at taking my camera with me when I travel, but I have developed a bad habit ofView full post »

market report | 1

My grocery runs tend to be 80% fresh food and I try to source majority of it from local farmer’s markets.  MyView full post »

farm life

Farm life is living simply and a bit dirty, but I find it very enlightening.  While we walked around the farm my sisterView full post »

black kettle farm

Last fall I was doing some work on the east coast and during that time, my parents made a trip to see my sister in MaineView full post »

kale & spinach

It’s becoming that time of year where the summer produce is slowly disappearing and the hearty fall produce startView full post »


A dear friend of mine has been working hard on her new business, Beautilitarian (BYOO-til-it-ar-ian) and it finallyView full post »

farmer john

A recent project I worked on with a local Los Angeles company, Farmer John.  Farmer John wanted to create eye catchingView full post »

elli: quark

Quite a few months back I worked on this project for a new company: Elli:German Style Quark.  For those that don’View full post »

strawberry orange popsicles

I recently photographed this recipe for Almond Breeze, a collaboration project with DesignLoveFest.  A really simpleView full post »