maine | part 4

Maine Part 4 | Leslie Grow Photography

Maine has an abundance of land and farms of all sorts.  Something that I had never seen before was honor system farm stands.  Need firewood?  Take a bundle and leave a few dollars in the coffee can.

The other thing I haven’t really seen was how much the elderly were still very much a part of the land.  It appeared that the grandparents staffed the farm stands and were so happy to talk to anyone who stopped by.  There was a small stand along the road we stopped at that was selling winter squash, potatoes, corn, pumpkins, apples, apple cider, homemade jam, pies, bread, and the list goes on.  It was a very cold, windy, rainy morning.  We were the only customers at the stand and from behind the register pops up this little 90 year old lady bundled up very happy to see us and tell us all about what she was selling.  It was inspiring to see the dedication and love she had for the food.

The same thing happened when we went to Pick-Your-Own apples at Lakeview Orchard. We arrived about a half-hour before closing to a beautiful plot of land with a couple of elderly holding down the fort bundled up in a little shack ready for customers.  They gave us our bags and explained how to pick.  First step was to taste everything…a couple times. The second step was to pick until your heart’s content.  Third step was to enjoy the view on top of the orchard overlooking Hoosac Lake and the surrounding mountains.  I lucked out with the lighting and got the most golden delicious hour light (pun intended!).  Within minutes the light had disappeared.  It was the perfect ending to a wonderful week!

The week with my family flew by so fast, I felt like I had just been picked up from the airport, blinked for a second and it was already time to take me back.  We only made a small dent in what Maine has to offer and I can’t wait to go back!

Maine Part 4 | Leslie Grow Photography

Maine Part 4 | Leslie Grow Photography

Pick-Your-Own Apple Picking – Lakeview Orchard


Bath Farmer’s Market

Maine Part 4 | Leslie Grow Photography

1. Tomatillos | 2. Fall’s Harvest – Pie Pumpkins & Squash | 3. Fresh Bagels

4. Macintosh Apples – Apple Picking | 5. Red Beets | 6. Rainbow Carrots

7. Cipollini & Pearl Onions | 8. Purple Peppers & Eggplants | 9. Cranberrys (Cranberries)


Maine Part 4 | Leslie Grow Photography

Pick-Your-Own Apples Weigh Station – Lakeview Orchard


Maine Part 4 | Leslie Grow Photography

Maine Part 4 | Leslie Grow Photography

Road side farm stand sign:

In God We Trust

Winter Squash   Corn

Potatoes   Cider : Apples

Pies Bread Fruit Jam


Maine Part 4 | Leslie Grow Photography

Carrots – Bath Farmer’s Market

Ashley - I love these beautiful posts Leslie. Maine is part of soul and these posts make me smile :)

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