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The new year started off with lots of yoga, healthy eating habits, and drinking lots of water.  I felt the best I had in a long time.  My constant backaches and hip pains were gone and I had so much energy that I didn’t need my morning green tea or coffee.

…And then I hit a wall and fell off the band wagon, hard.  Traveling across the country and then working excessively long & very physical hours for several days at a time, my body got messed up.  Getting a good night’s sleep just wasn’t happening.  As soon as I got home last week I immediately went to the store and did a 3-day juice cleanse.  I needed to rid my body of all the toxins that had built up from eating so much pizza, desserts, and energy drinks.

I feel better now, but it’s as if I’m starting all over again.  I’m doing yoga and eating my greens again.  It amazes me how easy bad habits stick and heathy ones take time, patience, and practice.

The farmer’s markets here in LA are changing quickly.  All of the hearty winter produce is trickling out and spring produce is taking it’s place.  The sweet summer berries are always a favorite, but I’ve found a new seasonal fruit that I just can’t pass up…Blood Oranges.  It’s like sinking your teeth into a sweet red wine with a bit of orange citrus.  Sounds weird but I find it to be a sweet treat.

This week’s haul from the Echo Park Farmer’s Market:

Market Report | Leslie Grow Photography


Market Report | Leslie Grow Photography


Market Report | Leslie Grow Photography

1. Sweet Tangelos | 2. Wooden Baskets | 3. Mix & Match Berries

4. Yellow Tulips | 5. Fresh Beets & Sweet Carrots | 6. Red Beets

7. Strawberries | 8. Lettuce | 9. Bundled Carrots

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