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A big heat wave hit LA last weekend for 3 days.  Never did I think I’d be in 90 degree weather in the middle of March blasting the A/C, but then again, I never thought I would have bought a space heater while living in LA!  Let’s just keep that little embarrassing fact to ourselves.

The farmer’s markets are in full swing for spring and early summer.  I’m really excited for some light & refreshing afternoon salads and heirloom tomatoes.

I’m all about trying new things from the market.  From this haul I’ll be trying for the first time spring onion, mexican squash, fennel, and kumquats.

Market Report | Leslie Grow Photography

Taste Update: 

I was told the spring onion would be sweeter than a red onion, but I found that not to be the case, rather it being a little spicy instead.  

The mexican squash was pretty similar to that of a zucchini.   

Fennel is very unique.  It has the crunch of celery and the taste of black licorice.  It was great in my salad!  

The kumquat, now that is a tiny citrus with a big punch of tang.  Phew!  Oddly enough, you can eat the entire thing, skin and all (well not the seeds).  It will make you pucker and twinge every part of your body, but once you get past the tangy juice the skin is slightly sweet and kind of addicting.  


Market Report | Leslie Grow Photography


Market Report | Leslie Grow Photography

1. Red & White Sweet Onions | 2. Fennel | 3. Red Radishes, Green Onion, & Leeks

4. Strawberries | 5. Tender Asparagus | 6. Lettuce

7. Sugar Snap Peas & Fennel | 8. Navel Oranges | 9. Fresh Herbs

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